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Real name Dave Maginizo Nyarine known King David, started making music early 1981 by doing culture music (Mazoka) in the villages in Luwanje Village, Mulanje District.   King David entered the studio 2001 and realeased his first  single track "Rasta Onama" .  Due to finance problems, King David has had problem releasing music since, but he used his poverty as a means of encourage him  to make more music and to speak to his people..

After releasing " Lazoro wa Njala", because he was being attacked by people with no reason to attack, but he saw it as "Jah Jah" leading the way for him.

Being Dave, he chose the name King David because of his nickname as "Mfumu" .

Message From King David:


All the people of the world should show love to one another while we are live and not when some one is dead.

Anyone wishing to call King David can reach him on +265884048177

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