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Naotcha CCAP Main Choir was formed in 1946 and has been in existence for 68 years. It came into existence before malawi's Independence in 1964. Throughout the whole time the choir has only had 3 choirmasters leading during the whole period. The 1st choirmaster, who is also the founder, Mr Tewesa was choir master from 1946 to 1973. The 2nd choirmaster, Piason Mtalika was choirmaster from 1973 to 1998. His successor the present choirmaster, Gift Tseka, produced the choirs first ever recorded album, "Musakhale Osadziwa" in 2004. The group has since released three more albums, "Sindidziwa" in 2007, "Akayendera" in 2012, and "Tidziyendabe" in 2014.

Naotcha CCAP also released a DVD collection in 2012 titled, "Volume.1", which featured music videos from their 1st three albums.

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