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Music / Lucius Banda - Tseketseke ft Piksy03-03-2016

Album Name : Time

Its not every day you hear the new school and old school doing music together, Lucius Banda has 17 albums to date, 17th still recording while Piksy has one album titled MASO available in stores.  This song is special because these two of two parallel ages, different genres got together and contributed their musical talents into one song.

This song is definitely worth a listen and if you were unsure about Piksy's validity in this game, this song along should confirm that this young man is only starting and is soon to turn into a household name.  As for Lucius we are patiently waiting for his 17th album titled "TIME" a few songs have already been released and you can stream them or download it from Malawi Music as well.

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Lucius Banda - Tseketseke ft Piksy

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